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Gift Boxes

gift boxes

For a unique gift in a warm and authentic setting.

Once again this year, we have decided to help you prepare your gifts.

Treat your loved ones and partners with our gift boxes adapted to your budget!

An opportunity to combine our exceptional local products with the charm of our rooms, each one different and authentic from the other.

The opportunity to stroll on the Canal de Savières to reach the largest natural lake in France: the Lac du Bourget, for half a day or a day, driving your own boat.

Give a memorable gift in the heart of the Little Venice of Savoy: A charming and picturesque village called Chanaz


📋 Go to the website : https://www.capcadeau.com/le-doux-nid

Find now our selection of gift boxes specially designed to meet the expectations of each of you.

They will be perfect at the foot of the Christmas tree as a present for one of your loved ones.

So, don't hesitate to contact us, we remain available and reachable on 0479632214 for all information requests.

Christophe Ougier