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The Restaurant / What to see here ...

Le Relais Gourmand selects products for you Made in Chanaz ? Made in Savoie

Our primary job is to run a bed and breakfastOur philosophy is to offer you fresh products, of the season & premises by using local producers or traders as much as possible.

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Goat's cheese from the Chèvrerie de Vions (neighbouring village of Chanaz)

Organic Cheese from the Saget Farm in Chindrieux

Comté, Cheese and Butter Motte from La Fruitière du Valromey

Organic Tofu from Bugey

The Chautagnard Snails

The Black Angus beef raised 15 km from Chanaz, in Suggestion

The Charcuterie de la Ferme de laTour in Massignieu de Rives

Local Savoy trout from a local fish farm, Lavaret and Fera according to availability

The Baker's Crown of Chanaz cooked on a wood fire

Flour and Nut Oil from the Moulin de Chanaz

PDO Grenoble walnuts from Gaec des Sept Noyers

Edible flowers and aromatic herbs from the Cueillette de Chanaz

Fin Gourmet Spices, selected directly from the spice producers
and Pepper from India and from different countries in the world

Coffee from the village roaster, Le Thé et Infusion Plantéa de Chanaz

The Bear Beer of the Caquot Brothers

Blueberry Beer, Organic Gin, Savoy Lemonade and Savoy Coke from the Brasserie du Mont Blanc

Granier's organic liqueurs

Organic Cider and Fruit Juice from Savoie

Alain Milliat Juices and Nectars, Lemonades and Iced Infusions

Les MéMés, organic infusions with grape must created in Annecy

Artisanal ice creams and frozen desserts from La Sibérienne d?Aix-les-Bains
(no colouring, no artificial flavours, 100 % fruit)

Wines of Savoie
-In Jongieux (10 minutes away), discover our favourite, the Marestel from the Cave Dupasquier, a Roussette that will change your mind about Savoie wines, or the Mondeuse Blanche to be discovered; La Chapelle or Le Compostelle from the Cave du Prieuré, old vine red wines (Pinot or Mondeuse)

- Cave de Chautagne (Ruffieux ? 10 minutes), Son Jacquère Aligoté
- Cave Lambert: Its organic Molette vinified in Amphora!
- Le Manicle Rouge, a rare, delicate and fine Bugey wine

- Taste our homemade Aperitif: A Sparkling Aperitif with Grand Raspberries
Dovecote made by us