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The Restaurant / Wine & Beverage

(at 10 minutes)
A selection of 3 different cellars, discover our favourite, the Marestel from the Cave Dupasquier, a roussette that will make you change your mind about Savoie wines or the Mondeuse Blanche to discover; La Chapelle or Le Compostelle from the Cave du Prieuré, old vine red wines (Pinot or Mondeuse)

Cave de Chautagne
(Ruffieux ? 10 minutes)
Discover the Cuvée Larmartine, a Cabernet Sauvignon, quite rare in Savoie! Or the Roussette Nectaris with a few citrus notes

Taste our homemade aperitif, a mixture of raspberry wine made by us with a Crémant de Savoie from the Cave de Chautagne